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(a less expensive) Instapage Alternative

Build hyper-personalized pages, tailored to audience segments or keywords with our drag-and-drop website builder.

Why choose compared to Instapage?

  • Enterprise-level features for a fraction of the cost

  • Global Blocks & Page Variations

  • Keyword Insertion Programmatically

  • Even faster Page Load Speed

  • Inbuilt CRM, Analytics & A/B Testing

  • Free migration from Instapage to Blueprint

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Build Personalized Landing Pages at Scale

Programmatically create page variations based on audience data or keywords. Manage all variations via table view.


Streamline content updates

Simultaneously apply changes across multiple pages through global blocks and template styling.


Increase page speed

The cookieless pages built on blueprint load in 〜0.3 seconds (〜1 second on desktop), helping you achieve:

  • Increased Conversions

  • Increased Quality Score

  • Lower CPC / CAC

  • Privacy Compliance

  • Lower Bounce Rates

  • 100/100 Speed Score

  • Better User Experience

  • Increased SEO Rankings


Server-Side Analytics

Capture user interactions accurately without cookies or impacting page speed.

Native A/B Testing

Run cookieless A/B tests without affecting page load speed or user experience.

Custom API

Send lead data to your favorite tools via our API and conditional logic.


Automatically save lead data in our CRM or send it to your tools via Zapier or API.

Dynamic Forms

Capture leads with multi-step forms, conditional fields, and calendar booking.

Templates & Blocks

Build pages quicker with premade templates and blocks.

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