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Website Builder for the Cookieless Future

Accelerate PPC Campaigns with Lightning-Fast Websites and Accurate Server-Side Analytics, Directly Integrated with Your Ad Platforms - No Trackers or Cookies Required.

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Build Lightning-Fast Websites

The Cookieless Pages built on Blueprint achieve 100/100 Page Speed Score and load in 〜1 second on mobile (〜0.3 seconds on desktop), helping you achieve:

  • Increased Conversion Rates

  • Increased Quality Score

  • Lower CPC / CAC

  • Privacy Compliance

  • Decreased Bounce Rates

  • Better Brand Perception

  • Better User Experience

  • Increased SEO Rankings


Global Editing & Styling

Simultaneous updates across multiple pages, ensuring brand consistency, reducing errors, and saving time.

Server-Side Analytics

Get 100% accurate data while ensuring privacy compliance. Capture user interactions without cookies and without impacting page speed.

Native A/B Testing

Streamline optimization and run A/B tests without affecting page load speed or user experience.

ConversionSync (WIP)

Feed ad algorithms with complete and accurate conversion data to boost campaign performance without 3rd party tracking.


Build personalized page variations for specific ads / campaigns and apply changes across all variations instantly.

Custom API

Send lead data to your favourite tools via our API. Choose specific conditions when / what is sent.